MyProtein is a well known supplement supplier known for providing great value for money and service. Their BCAA powder contains a ratio of 2:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.  Leucine is known to be one of the best for muscle stimulation and the synthesis of protein.  The other 2 ingredients are also required to assist with these results.

bcaas by myprotein

Upon opening out Berry Blast flavour bag, we were hit with a strong and fruity smell. The MyProtein BCAA powder is light pink with a fine texture.  The pouch recommends 5g of BCAA powder mixed with a preferred amount of water.  A small scoop is provided in the bag so you don’t need to worry about measuring or guessing using teaspoons.  With it being small, it can take some effort to find it in the bag.

When we added the powder to water, it sat on top and didn’t mix too great.  After a reasonable amount of stirring, the BCAA powder had dissolved and we were left with a tasty looking pink drink .

Top Tip: To mix this easily, put it in shaker of with around 200-300ml of water. Give a shake and leave for minutes.  Then give it another shake and you are good to go.

The smell of the drink is not as strong as the powder, but is still present.  The drink tastes really good and essentially turns water in to a flavoured BCAA drink.

The supplement is actually pretty effective. When taking this for a couple days after an intense workout, the usual Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness was significantly reduced and after a few days was completely gone.


MyProtein Berry Blast BCAA powder is nice, great tasting supplement. The great taste is useful to get rid of those craving for fizzy soda drinks, especially when dieting. The mixability of it isn't great but it's certainly not the worst supplement for this.


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